The lulling sound of the water lapping against the seawall, the bright moon in the cloudless night, the warm, light breeze coming off the ocean, all made the moment so special. He wondered if his senses were heightened because of the setting or because he was with a woman he hoped to express his love for. It didn't matter, it was all so perfect as they strolled hand in hand along the seawall of Cavite Bay. Along the seawall were low lights, far enough apart as to only cast individual glows along the bay. The young couple, Michael Bradford and Mary Hayden, slowly came to the next light, and without a word from either of them, they stopped and gazed over the bay...


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Pointing to a map on the wall of the location of the prison camp, Captain Ford said, "The drop zone is right here," putting his finger next to the camp. He added, "It's important we get as close to the camp as possible, but not on the camp." ... "Drop altitude between 400 and 500 feet, no higher. I don't want my men in the air too long; they can be shot and killed before hitting the ground if they are dropped at a higher altitude," said Ford ... "Oh... and ask your flight crews not to mention the low drop altitude to my men. They will have enough to think about without knowing that, too," said Captain Ford.


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